Need Extra Support?

Speak to one of our technical team about how to do the initial setup and how to get the best performance from your Roamer battery. We can also design a new system for you if needed.

Here to Help

Roamer are Victron system designers and resellers and can put together a complete electrical kit for you. We can supply all the parts you need along with wiring schematics, cable sizing and install support.

If you already have all the parts you need but you just need some help getting things setup then we can provide expert advice on best practises and charge settings.

Unfortunately, there will be some things that we cannot help with, for example, we are not registered electricians and cannot provide advice on 230V electrics. We may also struggle with some more obscure brands or motorhome chargers that we're not familiar with. If this is the case then you may still be able to get some advice in our Facebook group, Campervan Electrics

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That’s how much we believe in our product. A decade of powered adventures.

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We’re all about community. Reach out to us any time - we’re here to help.