The reality of LIFEPO4

Here at Roamer, we take safety extremely seriously and strive to make the safest LiFePO4 batteries possible. It is no secret that Lithium can be dangerous and whilst LiFePo4 is without doubt, the safest option, it is still not without risk.  All batteries have the potential to be hazardous if not used correctly and that’s why we have rigorous testing and compliance processes in place, both at factory and warehouse level. However, it is also essential that we educate our customer on the best practise of charging, maintaining and storing LiFePO4 for long and happy off grid life together. 

Safety first

It all begins with superior battery manufacturing. Every Roamer battery is made to the highest standards with a steadfast focus on quality and put through extensive assurance checks with the certifications to back it up.

With our own UK designed, advanced BMS, active balancing cells and surge charge protection, our SMART3 models are built with safety and reliability at their core, using traceable LiFePO4 cells for additional transparency.  We voluntarily test every battery before it leaves the factory by cycling to 100% and 0% and applying a high charge and discharge load. This helps us identify potentially faulty cells and connections, test BMS performance and verify cell balance at the top and bottom of the voltage-charge cycle. 


Roamer batteries carry CE and UKCA marks respectively as well as The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC test certificate to cover the additional parts such as cables and casing. We use traceable branded cells from very large manufacturers and have lab test reports to verify battery safety and demonstrate compliance, including drop tests and puncture tests and these carry the EN 61619 certificate.  In order to ship Roamer batteries by air and road, we have had to go through long and arduous processes with our couriers to demonstrate safety and compliance. After meeting the courier requirements to ship Dangerous Goods, UN3480 now simply determines the labelling we apply to the packaging and the state of charge of the battery when shipping (we don’t ship fully charged for this reason).

Staying safe

It's worth mentioning that, the Roamer BMS will prevent damage due to a wide range of external factors such as overcharging and extreme temperatures but BMS protections should be seen as the last line of defence rather than the first. Investing in additional precautions such as smoke and heat detectors and fire extinguishers close to where batteries are located are a wise choice. If you have any concerns or questions regarding safe installation and maintenance, please get in touch with us.

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