NEW 4th Generation SMART

The ultimate lithium leisure batteries

Supercharged to help you go off grid for longer

Improved battery power
Continuous charge/discharge

NEW The power of SMART4 is here!

Gear you can trust with your life

Venturing into the wilderness requires total confidence in your gear. Whether rock climbing, paragliding, or sailing, your equipment must keep you safe and perform consistently under pressure. The same goes for off-grid adventuring and the reason we created SMART4. Just look inside and you’ll immediately see the difference. For unparalleled power, safety and reliability — choose Roamer.

Power any appliance up to 3600W
Integrated BMS with complete safety protections
Plug and play integration with Victron

Your blueprint for adventure

Our 4th generation SMART batteries are in a league of their own - expertly designed to fuel and sustain the ultimate off-grid lifestyle. 

Grade A+ LiFePO4

Matched and traceable grade A LiFePO4 cells with steel compression brackets and double-bolted busbars. Only the best cells go into a Roamer battery.

Advanced BMS

Our new 300A BMS features voltage, temperature, short circuit, and overcurrent protection, plus active cell balancing, all monitored via Bluetooth and CANbus.

Engineered for power

Consistent high power requires more than the BMS; steel brackets, M10 terminals, and flexi copper busbars ensure durability and stability under heavy loads.

Serviceable and modular

Waterproof screw cases and modular construction allow easy disassembly for servicing, repairs, upgrades, and recycling. You can even fix on the go.

Communication ports

Easy monitoring via the Roamer SMART app, while RS485 and CANbus ports enable firmware updates and connection to other batteries and Victron GX devices.

Surge protection

Every Roamer battery now includes a precharge resistor to protect your BMS from the surge currents that can occur when connecting a high power inverter.

Bluetooth-enabled Roamer SMART App

Battery Management. Simple

The new Roamer Battery Management System (BMS) and Roamer SMART Bluetooth app build on all of our experiences to date and add several highly-requested features from our customers.

With a full suite of protections including low temperature charging and a pre-charge resistor to prevent inverter surge currents, this is our most resilient and powerful BMS to date. We’ve also extended the Bluetooth range, tightened security, and added a sleep mode for power conservation and an emergency mode that allows you to override BMS protections temporarily.

Smarter than the rest

Plug & play with Victron

New CANbus ports allow for seamless communication with Victron GX monitoring devices, NMEA2000 and inverters.

Roamer repairs on the go

Roamer SMART4 batteries are modular and serviceable allowing for easy repairs and upgrades on the go, wherever you end up.

Precision active balancing

The Roamer BMS has a 2A Active Balancer for perfect cell balance even with irregular charging, enabling a true drop-in upgrade.

Customer stories

Hannah Whiteley & Chewie take Scotland

Roamer caught up with world champion kitesurfer Hannah Whiteley for a few days in Scotland as she took our beloved campervan - Chewie - and its 460SMART battery through its paces. Hannah was awarded Worlds Best Female Kitesurfer four years running, and knows a thing or two about travelling and living off grid. Witness her action-packed adventure in the short film below.

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10 year warranty

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