Introducing the NEW 3rd generation Roamer SMART

Equal parts power, intelligence, and reliability.

Improved battery power
Continuous charge/discharge

Think outside. No box required.

Venturing out into the wilderness requires total confidence in your gear. And that’s why it’s our mission to make off-grid batteries with unrivalled build quality. We start with the highest quality Grade A+ cells and a custom high power BMS, then add precision-engineered brackets, flexible copper busbars, and serviceable IP65 cases. Open up a Roamer battery and you'll immediately notice the difference in quality compared to our competitors. Backed by rigorous testing processes and our 10 year warranty - consider our mission accomplished.

Power any appliance up to 3200W
Available in 12V or 24V - connect up to 4 batteries
IP65 case for marine environments

Your blueprint for adventure

Our 3rd generation SMART batteries are in a league of their own - expertly designed to fuel and sustain the ultimate off-grid lifestyle. 

Grade A+ LiFePO4

Professional grade A+ matched LiFePO4 cells with exceptional power density, precision machined brackets and copper terminal busbars. Only the best components go into a Roamer battery.

Advanced BMS

Our innovative custom BMS includes over/under voltage, high/low temperature, short circuit and over current protection plus active cell balancing - all seamlessly monitored via Bluetooth.

Unrivalled power

Go gas free with up to 2.5x the power of other lithium battery brands. Power any inverter up to 3200W and you can run any electrical appliance off grid - including an induction hob, air fryer or kettle.

Surge protection

Every Roamer battery now includes a precharge resistor to protect your battery BMS from high surge currents that can be induced by connection of large inverters or other capacitive loads.

Bluetooth-enabled BMS App

Born to roam with complete peace of mind

Our state-of-the-art BMS app lets you access your SMART battery via Bluetooth. Easy monitoring and simple troubleshooting lets you check current state of charge, cell voltages, and protection status. It’s intelligent control in the palm of your hand.

Active Balancing

Our premium active balancing module is a first in the UK market. Keep your battery cells finely balanced with no energy losses, access the full available capacity, and extend the useful life of your battery. Cell balancing is an essential feature of every Battery Management System (BMS) but most BMS use passive balancing as its simpler and cheaper. Active balancing involves moving charge from one cell to another rather than simply burning off the excess charge through a resistor, making it more efficient and able to balance cells even when the battery is discharging. With a balancing current of up to 2000mA compared to the typical 50mA found on other BMS, the new Roamer SMART battery can also handle a wider range of charge voltages and is less prone to cell voltage drift that can develop as a result of incorrect charging.

Serviceable. Repairable. Upgradeable

As part of our journey towards a more sustainable model and to underline our commitment to sustainability, we designed our new SMART batteries to be fully serviceable, repairable and upgradeable. Combined with free ROAMERCARE you get complete peace of mind that your battery will live a long and happy life. ROAMERCARE offers service guarantees for the life of your battery but also provides the opportunity to upgrade at any point so you don’t need to worry about missing out on future BMS developments - our modular design allows for simple repairs and BMS swaps. It’s so simple, you could even do it yourself on the road.

With great power comes great responsibility

Roamer exists because we wanted the very best batteries for our own off-grid adventures. In our relentless pursuit of building the best, each and every battery is rigorously tested and checked before we ship it to you. Inside the box you’ll find our quality guarantee sticker and factory test certificate. We also do everything humanly possible to ensure that our batteries are manufactured, tested, distributed, and delivered in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Our batteries are also built to be serviced, repaired or upgraded as required, thereby reducing waste and maximising the life of raw materials used.

The Roamer Collective

Hannah Whiteley & Chewie take Scotland

Roamer caught up with world champion kitesurfer Hannah Whiteley for a few days in Scotland as she took our beloved campervan - Chewie - and its 460SMART3 battery through its paces. Hannah was awarded Worlds Best Female Kitesurfer 2020 & 2021, and knows a thing or two about travelling and living off grid. Witness her action-packed adventure in the short film below.

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