12V 160Ah LiFePO4

Compact power meets versatility with the Roamer 160SMART3. This ‘drop-in’ battery replacement packs 160Ah of lithium power into the same case size normally used for 100Ah batteries - making it the easiest upgrade from lead acid. This little powerhouse comes with a built-in BMS with Bluetooth and Active Balancing that not only protects your battery, but delivers a continuous 2500W of power output (200A).

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Capacity of 160Ah at 12.8V
Up to 200A continuous
Active Balancing
Up to 4 in series/parallel
Grade A+ LiFePO4
IP65 waterproof
Roamer Bluetooth App
Low temp protection

Easy 14 day returns

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10 year warranty

That’s how much we believe in our product. A decade of powered adventures.

Ongoing support

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Drop in to get outdoors

The Roamer 160SMART3 offers the most usable capacity of any battery in its size. If you’re swapping out an old 90-100Ah battery, then chances are your 160SMART3 will drop straight in without needing to modify existing brackets or spacers. And because it can be installed in any orientation, it fits comfortably under a seat, in a side cupboard, or behind the wheel arch.

The upgraded BMS actively balances all internal cells and supports installation of up to four 160SMART3 batteries in series or parallel. It provides a complete range of protections including low temperature charging.

Taking charge of your power requirements

Each Roamer 160SMART3 is crafted using the highest quality matched Grade A+ cells and comes assembled with precision-engineered brackets, laser-welded cell connections, flexible copper busbars and an IP65 waterproof case.

To lengthen the life of your 160SMART3, our innovative internal Battery Management System (BMS) with Active Balancing has been exclusively developed for Roamer to support high power off-grid living. And we back everything with a 10 year warranty - because that’s how much we believe in our product.

Maintaining excellent balance throughout its 15 year life expectancy, the Roamer 160SMART3 delivers stable, high power with each and every cycle.

Discover more about our powerful 3rd Generation SMART Batteries.

Simple setup

Comprehensive power

Your adventure starts with your setup. And with Roamer, it’s quick and easy. Simply choose your battery location, attach the cables, configure your chargers, and download our Roamer BMS app for real-time monitoring. Uninterrupted power = uninterrupted adventure.

We understand the prospect can be quite overwhelming so if you'd like some support, we offer an off grid electrical system design service. You will spend time with one of our experts who will give you all the tools and advice you need to install your own electrical system, even if you've got no idea where to start. From choosing chargers to cable sizing and configuring settings, we've got you covered.

The power of the Roamer 160SMART3



iPhone charges from start to finish



Laptop charges from start to finish






Days of fridge power



Lord of the Rings viewings on TV



Minutes of hair drying



Hours of air conditioning



Pizzas in the airfryer 

5/5 average rating

“Fantastic service from start to finish and the post sale backup is second to none.”

Rob Landsman

My partner and I have had the pleasure of buying a battery from Roamer. Being new to the campervanning world we sometimes need all the help we can get, and the people at Roamer offer help and advice by the bucket load. Today we received help from the amazing Steve and then had a follow up call from Chris, two of the nicest people you could ever wish to speak to. We can't recommend Roamer highly enough. Their products are very well made and after sales service is second to none.

Rebecca Freear

Having had an A1 buying experience with the guys at Roamer batteries, we were confident to ask for help when needed. Steve spent ages on the phone, patiently going through settings on the charge controller and advising re apps and appliance energy usage. Chris called twice later to make sure we had got the information we needed. If only all companies were as caring and thorough as Roamer Batteries, they are a top class small British business!

Joseph Parker

First and foremost Roamer batteries “do what they say on the tin”. Having purchased batteries before that did not live up to their amp hour claims, this is a brand you can trust. Setting up an off grid system at home to avoid energy price increases was made a good deal easier by all the help and advice. You can always buy cheaper but I am not sure you will ever get better value for money when it comes to buying top quality batteries.

Graeme Kerr

The team at Roamer are fantastic. Seriously, if you are in the market for this type of product I wouldn't recommend another company. After placing our order, Steve and Chris have been nothing short of brilliant in supporting us on delivery updates, schematic design & support, video calls, install advice... the lot. We are relative novices in this area and ask a lot of questions but the team is always there, exactly what you need from this type of purchase.

Indra Åkerblom

We are extremely pleased with the help we got from Steve and the crew at roamer batteries. We needed to upgrade our battery bank and they helped us out. Such a good price for what you get, extraordinary customer service and they really went above and beyond with helping us sort shipping and installing the battery. Would highly recommend it!

Rowan Robinson

Been thinking about going lithium in the van and came across these guys who have some pretty sick branding. Spoke to Chris who answered all my questions and said they could design me a full system to suit my needs along with a battery! The fact that they took their time talking things through with me was the clincher, the customer service was great! Friendly and knowledgeable, I can definitely recommend these guys.

Felix Van Spall

Roamer supplied the electrical design for our self build camper which saved us weeks of research and newbie mistakes, I highly recommend to anyone taking on a self build. Roamer also supplied all the electrical equipment (price matched) with telephone support fo the install - great when you have those little recommendations and questions you're not sure about. Big Fan

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Capacity (Ah)
Nominal Voltage (V)
Continuous Discharge
Continuous Power
Charge Temperature
0 to 60C
Dimensions (mm)
338L x 185W x 215H
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Capacity (Ah)
Nominal Voltage (V)
Continuous Discharge
Continuous Power
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0 to 60C
Dimensions (mm)
490L x 171W x 240H
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Safety First

Here at Roamer, we take safety extremely seriously and strive to make the safest LiFePO4 batteries possible. It is no secret that Lithium can be dangerous and whilst LiFePo4 is without doubt, the safest option, it is still not without risk.  And that’s why we go above and beyond on both compulsory and voluntary extensive safety tests and processes. We choose to test every single battery before it leaves the factory by cycling to 100% and 0% and applying a high charge and discharge load to identify potentially faulty cells and connections, test BMS performance and verify cell balance at the top and bottom of the voltage-charge cycle. Our SMART3 batteries use only traceable branded cells from reputable manufacturers with lab test reports to verify battery safety as part of the EN 61619 certification. Finally, our product and fulfilment services also meet the courier requirements to ship Dangerous Goods under the UN3480 certification. Find out more about the steps we have taken to ensure maximum safety here.

Bluetooth enabled

Less wondering

More wandering

Know your power with the all-new Roamer BMS App - the ultimate wingman for uninterrupted adventure. It’s easy to use, connects via Bluetooth, and lets you track and monitor the status of your battery from the comfort of your van, boat, or home. Real-time feedback at your fingertips.