Roamer BMS App

Less Wondering
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Battery management made super simple

The Roamer SMART app will help you to track and monitor the status of your battery from the comfort of your campervan, boat or home.

Free download

Download the free Roamer SMART application on iPhone or Android

Live status

Check the live status of your battery using Bluetooth.

Enjoy more time outdoors

And that’s the whole point, right? If you love off grid life, the chances are you jump at every chance to escape the rat race and immerse yourself in nature. Having the Roamer SMART app by your side provides all the power information you need, in real time. Stop worrying about your batteries and get out there.

See live charging enroute

Whoever said knowledge is power has obviously encountered the Roamer SMART app. Whether you’re on the road, on the water or up a mountain, you will always know the state of play with your Roamer battery. One quick glance will tell you everything you need for on-the-spot decisions – should you pull up for the night or roll on to your final destination?

Monitor real-time data from your phone

Our app allows you to monitor real time information from the comfort of your van. You can check the remaining capacity, cell voltages, power usage, temperature and much more.

Check battery status, faults and alarms

Managing your battery’s status and faults is easy with real-time access. You can quickly resolve problems using our integrated alarm system.

Control and configure battery protection

Save time and money protecting your battery, by checking your battery’s status and details regularly. You can set and read the battery protection parameters with password protected access.

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Some apps look so complicated but Roamer’s is a breath of fresh air


Incredible app which is super easy to use on the go. Addictive too!


Loving the app. Super easy to use and a nice clean interface. Foolproof really

Download the Roamer app for free

Available from the Apple & Play Store.